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Welcome to project Auto Typer by PMW

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This software can easily allow you to retype the same text over and over again. It might be useful if you are tired of typing the same text multiple times for example in online video games.

This program is created by using C# and .NET 3.5 framework which gives opportunity to run this program in all Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Functionality include:

  • Entering the text string which will be retyped multiple times.
  • Timer interval can be set to static non-changing interval.
  • Timer interval can be random number calculated from maximum and minimum input.
  • Text will be typed on whatever mouse is clicked.
  • Typing is delayed 3 seconds.
  • Change value of interval by using up or down arrows.
  • Easy to use, almost fault proof.

Please add post in discussions if you like to suggest any added functions!


Please visit Changelog section.

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