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Auto Typer by PMW

© 2011-2013 Przemyslaw M. Wiejak

05/16/2013 v1.4
- Accidental closing of focused window when stopping, new key combinationShiftF1 and ShiftF2.
- When stopping then starting typing again, message will start typing from beginning.

01/14/2012 v1.3
- Major GUI change.
- User now may use multiple messages.
- Lines may be typed randomly.
- Changed the path to the file where we store the information. Windows 7 compatibility issue.
- Messages may be removed just by clicking on item on the list.
- Changed random interval to be able to set one plus/minus field.
- User now may use AltF1 and AltF2 combination to start/stop typing process.

01/10/2012 v1.2
- Added random spacing when typing message for more realistic typing.
- Option to disable 3 second delay.
- Using file to store last used setting information.
- Using file we are retrieving last used settings information.

01/06/2012 v1.1
- Allow user to scroll intervals by increments of 50.
- Added 3 second delay before typing.
- Text message cannot be larger than 256 characters.
- Interval range must be no smaller than 1000 and no bigger than 99999 milliseconds.

01/06/2012 v1.0
- Using text box to type a message.
- Interval can be one static number.
- Allow to start/stop auto typing.
- Interval can be set to be a random number generated from maximum and minimum time.

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